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Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle Hayes has left the Big brother house after breaking down in the BB house. Chanelle was a dramatic, crazy, fun girl, born 11 November 1987, is a student from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, studying Spanish and English at North-East-Wakefield College, Pontefract. She was adopted at a young age, after her mother was murdered. Chanelle, who is rumoured to have a boyfriend outside the big brother house, started a relationship with fellow big brother housemate Ziggy, despite splitting up for approximately 8 hours in Week 3. has an obsession with a certain celebrity wife and pop star Victoria Beckham, and even bleaches and styles her blonde to look like her. She doesn't watch the news because "there's too much bad stuff going on in the world". She entered the big brother house "to be famous" and "to be recognised in the street"

What's your opinion of this big brother house mate?? was she your favorite contestant? do you think her relation-ship with fellow house mate ziggy was genuine or just a publicity stunt? hmm, what do you think? Let us know below and find out all the latest infomation on Channele courtesy of bigbrother 8 .

Chanelle at her 1st modeling shoot. since leaving BB

Chanelle at the live BB final.

Chanelle looking amazed at the arrival of new housemates.

Chanelle flips out on Ziggy

Chanelle just checking her G strings tight enough.

Chanelle looking sultry

Are you looking at me .?

Strike a pose theres nothing to it

Chanelle on Big brothers big mouth with I'm not being funny Charley.

"Betsy" about to leave the house.

Chanelle hugs Ziggy one more time before saying her goodbyes

Ziggy pleads with Chanelle to stay.

Chanelle flips again over Ziggy

Chanelle makes a great anchor

Chanelle stands up to Charleys constant arguing

Chanelle completes her part of the talent show task playing the violin which she performed very well

Chanelle is soo angery with Charley and she certainly lets big brother know how shes feeling

Chanelle having fun with the puppet tests.

Chanelle getting cheeky.

The twins comfort Chanelle after a lovers tiff "again" with Ziggy in there hot n cold relationship

Chanelle snogs tracey full on in a game of spin the bottle

Prostitute Andrea with baby Chanelle in jail

Chanelle freaks out in the shower after arguing with Ziggy ..againn

Chanelle, the naughty little devil

Chanelle talks to big brother about not being happy hearing the house mates have been bitching behind her back.

Chanelle and the girls chats to BB

Ziggy and Chanelle pondering

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