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Charley, a self-proclaimed 'it' girl, " (I'm not being funny:) Charley, who was famous in the house for her petulant aggression and violent arguments with the other housemates.. Charley enetered the big brother house to advertise herself and is desperate to become as famous as all her "celeb" friends. The crowd was chanting: "Get Charley out!" before she even went in, She's 21 unemployed from South east london. shes a former lap dancer and counts Manchester United footballer Kieran Richardson as a first cousin. She loves shopping, money and going clubbing at celebrity hangouts. , Charley is not a morning person but more of a moany person!! and admits to losing her temper very easily and has to bite her tongue quite often. She has a phobia of spiders, and dreading the smoking ban. She is really unpopular with viewers because of her stroppiness and constant staring at her self in the mirror and It’s amazing she’s lasted this long. asked why she entered the big brother house she said"she's not doing much at the moment".
She became the 6th housemate to be evicted but im sure this is a housemate you won't " unfortunely" hear the last of......(Watch this space)!

Whats your opinion of this house mate? Do you think she was acting and playing up to the camaras? Or was she a real bitch or just an innocent and miss-understood girl? Let us know what you think below and hear all the latest news from this house mate in the comments section below courtesy of bigbro8

Davina Mcall about to tell Charley her time is well up!.

Charley gets a hug of support from Sam after hearing she is the 6th housemate to be evicted

Charlies day starts with her usual arguments this time with Ziggy.

Charley is not happy at being a clown

Charley leaves the big brother house which was a fake eviction

Charley was not allowed to attend the housemates party as she failed her task and was locked in the spare room.

Charlie thanking big brother for her birthday party

Charley talking about racism again..

Chanelle and Charley still have time to argue outside the BB house.

Charley at the BB final.

Charley talking about racism on news 24 as she was called a n===r on Big brother.

Charley as a guest appearance on the friday night project.

Charley talking to Davina about her time in the house.

Charley poses for the camaras after her evection

Charley arguing with Chanelle

Charley breaks down when she hears messages of support from her family

A rare moment of Charley smiling and happy

Charley shoots some pool instead of shooting off her mouth for once.

Charley takes time out from the housemates to look at herself

Charley just realises she has to go back in the house after she was fake evicted

Housemates watch Charley on the tv while she has her interview with davina before going "back" into the bb house.

Carol "painting" Charlie!

charlie looking pretty mean letting everyone know how "not funny"! she's being

Cheeky Charley relaxes in the sun

Charlie was voted the most wrathfull house mate

Charlie enjoying her birthdat party

Charlie keeping herself happy looking at ...herself!

Charlie having another argument

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