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David. Age: 25 Home: Ayr Job: Visual Manager. His first words when entering the house (among screaming and hugs) "I can't believe I'm here with youse." Life Philosophy: "Dance like nobody is watching." Likes: Family, green issues, socialising and reading. Dislikes: People who drop litter, "awful hair extensions and cheap shoes." Why BB?: For money.

David is a spiritual thinker and is passionate about nature. He believes that ''man is a parasite on earth, resulting in the tragic rape of our planet,'' and practices white witchcraft. He describes his style as eclectic and eccentric and says that fashion is an expression of personality as well as an extension of it. David's ultimate ambition is to be a stylist working on fashion shoots in London or New York. He makes friends easily and is dynamic, open minded and accepting but can be "a touch overbearing, with a big.
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David heaves after having to eat luncheon meat and jam in a shopping task which he just about managed after nearlly puking.

The knifes are already out with this new housemate who is certainly not making any good 1st impressions.

David at BBs live final

David chatting to Davina after his eviction.

David and Shanessa leave the Big brother house in a double eviction week.

David has just heard he will be evicted after spending less than a week in the house.

David on his way back to the halfway house

David hears he will be returning back to the halfway house and face the public vote.

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