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Gerry Stergiopoulos

Gerry Stergiopoulos Was evicted from the Big brother house day 79 august the 17th in a BB twist which he did not mind as he really wanted to leave sacrificing himself to keep fellow housemate Carol in saying he wanted her to win. Gerry entered the big brother house in the 2nd week. He's aged 31, single is a gallerry researcher from south london who describes himself as a hedonistic hypocrite and a total control freak.He often goes to clubs and loves leather, kilts and boots. He has four wardrobes full of clothes, and thinks his life would be vastly improved by a dressing room and a personal butler.
His first Words when he entered the big brother house were "Calm down, it's only a TV show.He Believes There is no heaven or hell, just continuous rebirth until you fulfil your karma and unite with a higher being."He Likes Paris Hilton, yoga, and leather and Dislikes Uneducated, common people. Winning is unimportant to him, it's all about the journey and what you learn along the way. Gerry spends most of the time in the house arguing with Charley, yet he is a very funny and genuine, down to earth house mate and deffinetly desrves to be in the final 3.
Was he a "Greek warrior"? or a "greek worrier"? What do you think of this big brother housemate? feel free to comment below and hear all the latest news about Gerry even now he's left the house.

Gerry as a guest on a local radio station.

Gerry had to wear a coat of cash and run through the crowd on the friday night project

Gerry leaving the Big brother house

Gerry gives a lecture about history

Geryy gets up close and personal with Big brothers camaras

Ooooohhhhh !????

Geggy and freddy having a cat nap

Gerry on the "Richard and Judy show..

Gerry at the live fianl.

Gerry at the live fianal.

Gerry hears he's about to be evicted and was the most happiest housemate I think ever to be so happy at being evicted.

Monkey and Freddy are called to the diary room so Gerry and Jonty brought them in!

Gerry Taking a lie detecctor test.

Gerry and Carol apple bobbing

Gerry with Nikki and Sam enjoying Big Brothers birthday

Gerry and brian aving a larf on the big brother chair

Gerry takes Charleys constent arguing in his stride.

Sam and Chanelle support Gerry as Davina is just about to announce who will be evicted, whch fortuetly for him was Nikki

Sam tries to steal Gerrys teddy Freddy after he hid her hair straighteners

Gerry keeps his cool as Charley rips into him..again

Gerry has to answear questions about "Greece". unlucky for him it was not about his country but other related "grease" questions which he just about passed to win alchohol for the housemates

Gerry having another mass debate with Johnathan

Gerry doing this weeks nominations "voluntartily" naked..

Gerry inspecting the haircut( Damage) that Nikki did to his hair.

Gerry and Sam chilling right out.;

Gerry snogging Seany in BBs 1ST gay kiss.

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