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Jonathan Durden

Jonathan has left the big brother house after hearing his grand mother had passed away. He has a personal fortune of £5 million and claims never to have seen one episode of big brother, Nevertheless, he has post-poned his wedding this summer in order to be on BigBrother and says his sole motivation for doing so is his ego.

Jonathan Durden entered the Big Brother house on Day 17. He is a 49 year old millionaire from Islington. He is widowed with two children, and postponed his wedding to his current fiancée to appear on Big Brother, though he claims to have not seen Big Brother before. He loves cars, and his friends tell him he looks like an Oompa-Loompa. He was also one of the people featured in the show "The Secret Millionaire" where he, and other millionaires, selected members of the public to receive gifts. Johnathan spent his short time in the bb house looking down on everybody thinking he was better than the rest and being sarcastic. Jonathan never made any kind of impression while he was in the house im sure he will be one of the housemates who will soon be forgotton.
What do you think of him? smug? kind and caring? we want to hear from you..
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Johnathan confirms he wont leave the big brother house

Johnathan looking smug again

house mates consoles Johnathan as hes about to leave the big brother house after hearing his grandmother has just dies . She was aged 104

Johnathan having a debate with fellow housemate Gerry

Johnathan takes time out in the pool reflecting if he should stay or leave big brother

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