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JONTY was joint 5th remainder housemate, He's Age: 36 entered the Big brother house on day 64. He's From London. Occupation: Museum Visitor Assistant Status: Single JONTY is a passionate vegetarian who shares his flat with his collection of 50 teddy bears and stuffed toys. His flat is also filled with history books and Doctor Who DVDs, as well as his collection of old coins and money.He read Welsh Studies at University, where he set up and ran the Dr Who Society – which he claims became so popular it attracted 10 per cent of the entire university population. Today he’s a member of many societies including the Society of Friends of King Richard III, and is an Associate Member of the Society of Friends of King Charles the Martyr. And as well as speaking Welsh, he also speaks French, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Albanian and Cornish.Jonty’s passion is history and his dream job is to be a history presenter on television. He says he rarely gets bored but if he does he just goes through a chronological history-related list in his head. He says he will find it difficult being in the house without his history books but might keep himself amused by playing pranks.
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Jonty chats to Kara.....nude.

Jonty gives Kara a good spanking.

Jonty and Carol perforn a dolly parton number

Jonty "drying " himself!

Jonty being told off by BB for writing on a peice of paper which is not allowed.

Jonty prepares for this weeks task.

Jonty sweating it out.

Jonty and Gerry fail the BB shopping task by failing the trivia questions.

Jonty listens to had nominated him.

Carol comfortsd Jonty after he was upset by having to nominate

Jonty upset with all the comings and goings of the BB house.

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