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Kara Louise

KARA-LOUISE was the 12th housemate to be evicted. She's Aged 22 From: Harrow entered the Big brother house day on day 64. Her occupation: Student Status: Single KARA-Louise describes herself as ‘extremely gorgeous and exceedingly bright’ and rates herself 10/10 for attractiveness. If she were to be re-incarnated, Kara-Louise would like to come back as Cleopatra - only if she looked like
Elizabeth Taylor
People have said she looks like Mariah Carey “only much fitter,” and her friends would describe as being fun loving and generous. Kara-Louise was privately educated and has says that when it comes to education, she believes that private schools are better than state schools. She also admits to having an issue with ‘common people’. She is in her final year at university and says that in five years time she hopes to be working her way up the ladder in PR.
Kara-Louise believes that BB shows you a true reflection of yourself and says that she wants to find love in the Big Brother house.
Due to her very short time in the house and BB not giving her much "air" time, her picture gallery is very limited and more will be added everyday.

Kara hears she will become a halfway housemate ..again.

Kara breaks down after hearing who had nominated her and there reasons,

Kara breaks down after hearing she will become an official housemate

Kara breaks down after hearing that Amy said shes playing a a game

Kara gets mobed by the crwod as they rush to grab the cash.

Kara on "The friday night project with the "coat of cash"

Kara on Big brothers big mouth show.

Kara posing for the paps

Kara has just heard she will be evicted

Kara finding it hilarious annoying Ziggy

Kara having tea during the finishing academy" task

Kara taking part in the "academy school" task

Kara is comforted by the other housemates after hurting her foot in the task.

Kara gives Jonty a good spanking

Kara and Amy console each other after hearing the other housemates had nominated them.

Kara has the hots for Brian

Kara and Brian about to be transported to 2002 and Big brother 3

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