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Liam Andrew McGough

Liam Andrew McGough came 3rd. He born 1984, entered the big brother house in the 2nd week is a tree surgeon from Lanchester, County Durham. He likes reading, family, and having nights out. He has a habit of sucking his thumb at night. In the third week, Seany, Jonathan and Carole the three people nominated for eviction that week, had to decide who out of the remaining housemates would win £100,000 - they unanimously decided Liam.

Liam, claims his friends would describe him as a ladies man, saying "I'm not Brad Pitt, but I'm not ugly "His ideal woman is one "I have to work for a challenge" and he hates rudeness but likes tactfullness.. Liam is very laid back and a fun housemate to have, hes kind and has only been in volved in one argument,( no prizes for guessing with who) Charley!. Liam is also a good contender to win Big brother if he keeps on doing what he's doing.
So let us know what you thought of this big brother contestant in the comments section below and find out all the latest news of Liam.

Liam is about to hear he will be evicted.

Liam gets excited as Shanessa strips.

Liam was voted the most lustfull house mate and big brother is testing how lustfull he is by pretending to be a phone sex line operator trying to make his heart rate go high.

Liam looking happy after being 100k richer

Liam and Nikki chilling out

Liam is being evicted and hugs the twins goodbye,

Liam raises a glass to there last day in the house

Liam was asked if he was jelous of Brains relationship with Amanda which he repled no!

Liam tucks into burger and chips after winning BBs word game.

Liam giving the twins a bunk up

Liam enjoying his lapdance from Shanessa.

Liam happy at being back in the main house.

Liam and the twins having there usual flirty fun.

Liam and Amy kiss and are getting extreamly cozy.

Liam and sam get wet in the pool.

Liam talks to the Australian BB housemates in a rare BB moment.

Liam asks the twins for a massage but it's them that actually need a good one!

Liam listening to his messages of support from his family

The housemates give Liam a surprise for his birthday with home made cakes

Liam is the magician at BBs birthday party

Liam laughs when Big brother asked hime to turn the teddy round to make the teddy more comfortable..

Liam the super cool guy relaxing

Liam relaxing ..again

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