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Nicky Maxwell

Nicky Maxwell has become the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, with 76% of the public vote.

Following her second nomination in two weeks, the 28-year-old accounts executive looked shocked by the crowd's boos, despite bookmakers giving her odds of 1/150 to lose the vote against fellow nominee Gerry Stergiopoulos.

After hearing her name, Nicky said: "I'm f****** terrified - they're booing me." Nikki was born 3 June 1979) is a bank worker, born in Mumbai but now living in Watford. She was adopted at the age of 1 from Mother Teresa's orphanage, and is a Roman Catholic who "drinks, smokes and parties hard." Her half brother, Dev Patel appears in the British teen television drama Skins, playing Anwar Kharral. In her audition tape she said that she did not like men because of their "bullshit". On Day 5, she celebrated her birthday in the big brother house. She kissed fellow housemate Liam on 18 June during a game of Truth Or Dare, and has admitted to having feelings for him. although he has said he does not fancy her but fancys one of the twins but he's not sure which one! Nicky doe's not look like she is enjoying the big brother experience as she had spent most of the time in big brother moaning and just being miserable.Lets just hope she cheers up soon.

WAS she a miserable moany girl? or shy sweet and timid? Let us know what your views are below and you can also hear all the latest news on this big brother contestant in the comments section below courtesy of bigbro8.

Nikki on Big brothers big mouth show.

Channlle comforts Nikki as she has just heard she will be evicted

Davina announces that it's Nikki who will be evicted

Nikki looking pretty

Nikki was voted the most envious house mate and had to spend an hour in a room full of pictures of her

Nikki at the live BB final.

Nikki on BBLB

Nikki in a glum mood as she thinks about the possible eviction

Nikk shakes her toosh singing a "big booty song"!! in a rare moment of her having fun in the house

Nikki Sam and Liam are punished for nothing in BBs fake task week and have to watch paint dry.

Envious Nikki not looking amused.

Nikki having fun being a naughty devil.

Nikki and Carol cooking in the kitchen

Nikki worried about Charleys "fake" pregnency

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