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Pauline aka, Thaila Zucchi.

Pauline who will enter the Big brother house on sunday 8th july is in fact a 26-year-old actress Thaila Zucchi. whos been on many shows including "balls of steel".

Housemates were, this evening, introduced to Pauline via the plasma screen after Lauras eviction. What the group don't realise is that their soon to be new housemate was chatting to them from a fake diary room just outside on their doorstep.
After 'jetting across from Oz', Pauline will enter the Big brother house during Sunday's Big Brother's Little Brother.For the duration of the week, housemates will be set a series of Australian-themed tasks in an attempt to make Pauline 'feel at home'. However, the group's real task is to figure out that Pauline isn't actually a real housemate. If the housemates rumble Big Brother's 'mole', they will receive a luxury shopping budget for the week.
It has not yet been revealed how long Pauline will remain in the house but it is known that her stay will be a "short" one which is going to be very interesting to see if Big brother can pull this off without one of the house mates recognising her!
Do you think this is a good idea of big brother? What ever your feelings click on the comments below to have your say and hear all the latest news and goss from this big brother house mate.

Hmmmmm. if only I could read your mind.

Fake housemate Pauline aka Tyler Zhuki presents Big Brothers Big mouth

Pauline talks to Davina outside the Australian "fake" diary room.

Fake housemate Pauline talks about her time on the show.

Pauline showing her "big mouth" on "Big brothers Big Mouth" show.

Charley falls for "Paulines" fake calming excersise she made up.


Talking to big brother with a kangeroo phone.

Housemates have just seen the new housemates bedroom which is all part of BBs secret.

Pauline in the Big brother chair looking genuinely nervous,

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