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Seany O’Kane

Seany O’Kane, enetred the big brother house in the 2nd week and was evicted within a week hence the lack of pics.. He's aged 25 ,Irish born and lives in Manchester he works as a Charity Worker. Hes single and says he was popular at school but missed out on being the head pupil because the teachers thought it would go to his head. In his late teens he went to the White House to meet Hilary Clinton, as he had wrote a poem for her. He says his dream job would be inventing and testing new toys. He describes himself as having big hair and a big attitude to match. Seány's guilty secret is that he loves Girls Aloud.
As a gay guy Seany O Kane enjoys trying to shock people with gay exhibitionism like his dare kiss with Gerry Stergiopoulos...He dislikes Withdrawn people. He says he wanted to go on Big brother as its the ultimate challenge. Gerry was one of the happiest and funniest housemates and was very loud and was very surprised he was evicted so soon.
Do you think he deserved to be evicted so soon.? let us know your views in the comments section below and find out all the latest news.

Seanny at the live final with fellow ex housemates.

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