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Shabnam Paryani.

Shabnam Paryani, was the 1st person to be evicted from the big brother house so there are limited pictures of her. She was born October 1984 evicted on Day 17 is a receptionist from North London who describes herself as "an enigma" and "crazy". She enjoys clashing her makeup. She appeared on a tv show about embarrassing Illnesses complaining of a "flaky scalp" which is why she was always scratching her head. She also made it to the panel auditions on "Britain's Got Talent". Shabnam was put up for eviction in the first round of nominations but the eviction was cancelled....Shabnams A self-confessed princess. Shes hyperactive and loves to talk, She's had an endless list of jobs being "far too creative to be tied down to mundane work." She thinks she might irritate her housemates with her boundless energy and zest for life.

She also has a phobia of bees and has never voted because she can't be bothered.
Did she Annoy you. She had pledged to be herself on the show, which essentially means being hyperactive and chatty, though ominously she says she "should really be listened to" because she talks a lot of sense. Let's hope so.Words Of Wisdom: "I am an enigma, I'm striking in my presence. People love to talk to me and are drawn to me.. She went in to the big brother house for fame and celebrity reasons.

What do you think of this bigbrother contestant? Did you feel her "shimone"? love her or hate her, let us know your opinions in the comments section below, Watch this space for any new sightings of Shabnam.

Shabnam has always wanted to be a singer and is getting the chance at a local music studio.

Shabnam surprised and shocked at hearing her name being announced to be evicted although she new it was going to be her and wanted to leave the big brother house anyway

Shabnam and Seany take a catnap

Shabs gets lessons in how to sing.

Shabnam with mucis producers and friends.

Shabnam on the tv show "Big brothers big mouth"

Shabs takes a walk on the, not so wild side.

Shabnam in nutz magazine.

Shabnab standing up to charleys constant bullying

Shabnam and the girls.

Shabnab Charlie and the twins frolicing in the pool.

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