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Tracey Anne Barnards

Tracey Anne Barnard was the 11th housemate to be evicted, she.s aged 36 is a cleaner from cambridge although she’d love to be an actress. She enjoys raving, and rates herself "10 out of 10 for weirdness". She likens herself to"Julie Walters" collects carrier bags and according to Davina, when evicted from the big brother house she will wear "just a smile"..On Day 7, she celebrated her birthday in the house. Peace loving Tracey has never been on a plane and hasn’t worn make up for 15 years.. She likes people to be happy and doesn't "do anger, not in her world...It was reported that Tracey may be communicating with the outside world using phrases such as, "'ave it," breaking a fundamental rule of Big Brother
Tracey entered the Big Brother house “for the "phat" experience meaning Wicked cool and a right buzz. Tracey spends her time telling everyone to "deal with it" and beleives everything is " sketchy". She spends most of her time in the BB house in bed or smoking in the garden and has not contributed at all to the Big brother experience and Im surprised why she even went into the house.
I know everyone has an opinion of tracey!! whats yours Do you think she's making the most of the big brother experience?. You can get things off your chest in the comments below and find out all the latest infomation on tracey below courtesy of bigbro8.

Trace pretty...ish in pink!

Tracey passing this weeks task by turning down BBs tempting offer of a £1000, 2 extra nominations and a weeks supply of tobacco and rizlas AND a car, after she was voted as the most greedy house mate.

Tracey on tv "8 out of 10 cats" show.

Tracey at the live BB final.

Tracey about to get mobbed by the crowd wearing the "coat of cash on "the friday night project".

Tracey on Big brothers big mouth show not agreeing with dan, Ziggys brother who was backing his brother on the phone.

Tracey being asked if she thought Ziggy and Chanelles relationship was genuine

Tracey getting her hair done by Charley ready for her possible eviction which she survived.

Tracey deals with it relaxingly

Traceys turn to be the news anchor reading news to Carol with messages from home.

Tracey in bed

Tracey dresses up as simon cowell in the housemates talent task

Tracey in bed, again, it seems she just can't stay out of it..!

Tracey dressed up as a clown for BBs birthday party

Tracey with a phat smile

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