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Sam Merchant

Sam Merchant came joint 2nd with her sister Amanda. She'sfrom Newcastle entered the big brother with her twin sister Amanda who both describe themselves as 'twincredible'. They have there own language "twinglish". Sam is five minutes older than her sister, and is much less dominating, but more level headed. Even so, she shares an addiction to boys, partying, shopping and all things pink and fluffy, just like Amanda. They have their own 'Twin Song' they sing when they introduce themselves to boys. She was the 1st person to enter the big brother house and was so happy to see so much pink, her favorite color

The twins were always giggling and finishing each other’s sentences and if one was interested in a male big brother housemate, "fit boy" as she likes to refer to them, she say that they’ll share him!..They were the only housemates not to receive any nominations from there fellow housemates.
Soo, do what do you think of these pair of house mates? were they childish and annoying? or Are they every man's fantasy or nightmare.? Let the world know what you think.

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yes Sam we ARE watching you:)

Sam chats o big brother

sam and chanelle kiss while playing spin the bottle

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