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Zachary Sami Lichman "Ziggy" came 4th. he is 26, from london born 5 January 1981 is a model from North London, and a former member of the boy band "Northern Line".

He had also previously appeared in an E4 tv show called Five Go Dating and is still involved in music production......He admires Muhammad Ali because he's a winner. Ziggy will miss his dog but hoped to find romance in the Big Brother house

He was the first male to enter the big brother house, entering on Day 3. As part of a nomination twist, Ziggy was the only person to nominate in Week 1. Ziggy has said he is Jewish.

On June 8, Ziggy kissed fellow housemate Chanelle while in bed and has since been known for his on/off /on/off /on/off relationship with her. He is set to be the new face of Lynx, after arranging a deal before entering the Big Brother house.

He ended his relationship with Chanelle on Day 23 after allegedly having sex with her on 19th June, though the couple made up later that day. He entered big brother to boost his career

What did you think of this big brother house mate? Did you love or loath him!, we want to hear from you. Click below to comment.

Ziggy looking very nervous after just being evicted.

Carol comforts Ziggy after Chanelle has just left the BB house.

Ziggy relaxing on the big brother couch

Ziggy pretends to be a news reader and was not looking very comfortable doing it.

Ziggy having fun at BBs birthday bash

Ziggy was voted the most gluttonous house mate and had to spend an hour in a room with lots of food without eating any of it which he completed with great effort!

Ziggy in the famous big brother chair

Ziggy listening to Charlie "not being funny"

Zigy leaves the house.

Ziggy says his farewells after being evicted.

Ziggy has just become an official guru and is now exempt from this weeks eviction

Ziggy shows his feminine side in BBs jack in the box task.

Ziggy has been sent to the halfway house in exchange for the two new housemates.

Ziggy comforts Chanelle as she hears news of support from family

Are you looking at me.?

A beautiful moment,One man and his dog..Ziggy is reunited with his dog to complete a task.

Ziggys dog

Ziggy and Chanelle snuggle up in the shower

Ziggy sheds a tear as he hears news of support from his family.

Ziggy gets a massage from the twins.

Ziggy looking very uncomfortable while nominating wearing nothing but a teddy.

Big Brothers fake taste test..Ziggy and Liam are feeling sick while eating conga eels or platypus eggs , but in fact it was salmon roe.

Ziggy makes up with Chanelle

Ziggy having a lovers tiff with Chanelle

Ziggy taking time out

Ziggy and Chanelle cozy up together

Ziggy and Brian chat 

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