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Big Brother House Rules - History - Winner's

There is no contact with the outside world.
They are filmed 24 hours a day and must wear personal microphones at all times.
The Diary Room is the only place in the house where Big Brother will interact with housemates individually.
Visits to the Diary Room are compulsory.
Nominations are compulsory.
Housemates must give frank and honest reasons for nominations.
It is not permitted to discuss nominations or to try to influence anyone else's nominations.
Eviction is decided by public vote.
All tasks and challenges are compulsory.
They must not act violently towards any other housemate.
They must get up when they hear the alarm.
They are free to leave the house at any time.
If a housemate breaks the rules they may be asked to leave the house.

Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time.!

Big Brother History.

It would be hard to find anyone who is not familiar with the Big Brother reality television series which broadcasts in the United Kingdom as-well as many other countries world wide. The UK version premiered on Channel 4 on 14 July 2000 and was an instant hit with million of viewers tuning in. Big Brother has now been taken over by channel 5.

No sooner had Celebrity Big Brother 2012 finished, the BB production {channel 5} team were already searching high and low looking for more unique individuals.... Individuals who live in our world. I doubt you would ever get the chance, or want to meet in real life! They will then enter one of the the most famous house's in the UK to take part in thee biggest reality show in the world and  hopefully get fame and become a household name.

The concept of the show is for contestants to live in complete isolation from the outside world in a cool and custom built house which has different themes every series.

Housemates are evicted each week by a public phone vote.  The winner is the last contestant remaining in the house at the end of the series.

The shows name comes from the well known George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty Four in which Big Brother is the all seeing, all hearing leader.

The show is narrated by Marcus Bentley. It was produced by Brighter Pictures, a company of Endemol but channel 5 has now taken over!

Big Brother Winners.

Big Brother 1 winner

BB1 Craig phillips owned his own building company before entering in the BB house and soon became the nations favorite and deserved 1st BB winner...He was a loved loved down to earth cheeky chappy with a nice guy persona and the country was delighted when upon leaving the BB house, he immediately gave his prize money £70.000 to help a friend have a heart and lung transplant.. Nowadays you can catch him presenting early morning DIY shows and is still actively involved in the assisting and promoting employer engagement.

Big Brother 2 winner

BB2 Brian Dowling was the winner of Big Brother 2002 and also Ultimate Big Brother 2010.  More information about Brian click here.

Big Brother 3 winner

BB3 Kate Lawler. Before entering the Big Brother House, Kate worked on an IT help desk IN Beckenham, London before going on to became the 1st female to win the show. She spent most of the time being one of the lads and always up for a laugh and was much liked.. She just managed to clinch the BB winners title which was a very close final between her and Jonny. After winning BB Kate has co-presented a radio show with Andi Peters, and has worked on the popular morning TV show RISE and has since appeared on many reality shows and has much TV work to her credit.

Big Brother 4 winner

BB4 Cameron Stout worked as a fish trader in Orkney in Scotland Before entering the BB house.. He was recognized for his morals and gentle nature towards the others and known for his strong evangelical Christian beliefs and being a virgin.. He spent most of the show coming out of his shell and the nation watched as his confidence grew week by week.. He won the series in a tough final night battle with Steph, Ray and Scott. Cameron has starred in several pantomimes and few TV appearances since the show.

Big Brother 5 winner

BB5 Nadia Almada from Woking, England worked as a cashier in Barclay's bank before entering the house with a big secret. She/he is a transsexual, but she/he decided to keep it from the other housemates. Many suspected but never really new for sure..She/he spent most of the show always up for a laugh and being a feisty character who was always involved in many arguments. This didn't stop the British public liking her/him, and in the end we voted her/him as the winner. Since leaving the house Nadia has released a chart single, and appeared in pantomime amongst other few TV appearances.

Big Brother 6 winner

BB6 Anthony Hutton used to be a postman from County Durham and worked as a 70s dancer called Chico Importante from Puerto Rico and worked with Scottish dance troupe Boogie Express before entering the BB house. On his entrance walk he was dressed as a 70's dancer and was booed and heckled from the audience as he danced along the platform showing off. While on the show he was a nice guy and did not do anything but have fun in the house and was always up for a laugh such as spin the bottle and was the only who has kissed every housemate on the show. He has kept low key since winning the series, occasionally appearing at public openings and events. 

Big Brother winner 7

BB7 Pete Bennet, from Camberwell, London, UK and Tourette's sufferer was an up and coming rock star before deciding to enter the Big brother house His crazy and fun personality made him a favorite inside and outside the house, He eventually won the series with the majority vote.Due to his tourettes, he spent the whole show calling everyone wan@ers! Since the show Pete has continued with his career in music, had a failed relationship with fellow contestant Nikki.  

Big Brother 8 winner

BB8 Brian Belo from Essex and a self confessed 'Jack the lad' who likes to dabble in a spot of cosmic ordering. He also claims never to have heard of Shakespeare and worked as a data clerk before entering the BB house and going on to win the 1st prize of £100.000 after entering the BB house in the 2nd week..He says he went on Big Brother to be a legendary house mate and certainly fulfilled his dream. He spent his time in the house being a very simple, sometimes too simple, down to earth house mate and was always the 1st person to try and stop the many arguments which kept taking place, and was also well known for his affections for fellow house mate and twin Amanda which the nation loved.. Brian is a game for a laugh house mate and a well deserved winner. 

Big Brother 9 winner

Rachel won Big Brother 9 which was a shock to everyone including her! She was a simple, nice, kind and caring county girl from wales, who adores her family, boy friend and dog. She was accused of being "fake" by the other house mates because of her kindness and never bitching about anyone!! She become good friends with fellow house mates Kat and Mikey. 

Big Brother 10 winner, Sophie, aka Dog Face.

Sophie, winner of Big Brother 10, and a well deserved winner. Kind, funny, intelligent..ish, and very pretty!. She had no game plan, never back stabbed or bitched about her fellow house mates and enjoyed each day entertaining us all especially when she was drunk!. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future and find out exactly what will happen between her and X house mate Kris and the "fake romance" scenario!.

BB 2010 winner Josie, aka " The Randy Mare" is usually happy living among animals than human beings! This country bumpkin was a down to earth and easy going house mate who spent all her time in the house chasing after her fancy fella John James, as well as laying in bed and sucking her thumb!.  Josie was sent back into the house for the final BB of all finals called "Ultimate Big Brother" which included a mix of former house mates and celebrity house mates but Josie was way out of league with such bigger characters so decided to leave the house after just 3 days.

Aaron won Big Brother 2011.

Courtney Stodden won Big Brother 2012

Helen Wood won Big Brother 2014

Chloe Wilburn won Big Brother 2015.

??????????????? winner of Big Brother 2016.

Big Brother is also located in the following countries.
Scandinavian .

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