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Big Bother Housemate Rachael

Rachael, the Beyonce lookalike!? haha.
If your standing in front of a mirror you would normally find at a fairground!, you know, the one's that make your butt look overweight and your face ugly, that's what she reminds me of.

She seemed pretty easy going but was an extremely superficial, fake, boring, ugly and soo insecure!! This girl thought she was the bees knees, but lacked anything that I would consider a nice trait or anything positive.

When she was having her "chat" with John James about her dirty looks, she turned it around by saying it's because she fancies him! WHAT A JOKE! She ONLY said that to think US, the Joe public, may think there will be some future love interest and keep her in, but too bad it just never worked and she became the first housemate to be evicted! Good bye and good riddance!!

Rachael's intentions/plans when she went into the house was to have something what the public likes and that's a Big Bromance,, so she tried it on with John James in the house and failed, and now she is involved with Nathan outside the house purely for a longer 15 minutes of fame! This girl is just desperate to become someone! OR make lots of money!

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