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Big Brother House Andrew Evens

the 19 year old maths genius who says he loves exams and hate chavs.... He looks like a game for a laugh, easy going and honest guy.

The new housemates were all up and dancing like crazy when the song, "I Need A Hero" awoke them, and guess why only they were dancing? because they are new, and hardly any "Best Bits" clips to show when they leave the show, and did you notice Corine was also joining in! because she was expecting to be evicted was greedy for more best bits!!

I can see a hidden mean streak in this geek!! When will it appear!!?

Jack Bowers secret task!. Andrew, what a legend and the show was brilliant! Another potential winner! His comment "Call me" was a prices less moment. It was so hilarious!! He will now be on a roll and will become more confident and less geeky!

The housemates are in stitch's (not) at Andrews jokes..

Andrew opens up to Mario about his future sad life.

Andrew is always under permanent BB pressure just being in the house!

Andrew and Keely relaxing in the sun talking to Steve.

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