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Big Brother Housemate Ben


Ben, the blatant snob and actually quite a decent chap. Regarding his tactical play.!!...He reminds me of Nasty Nick from BB1 and uses words instead of pieces of paper with names on

He will find it hard trying to relate and live with "common people" but a potential winner.

Many viewers including me will find it funny that he is an individual person who chooses to do what he wants when he wants! Well trust me, living with someone like that would make me you very annoyed!
Team players are needed especially when the house is a team having to work together to make life easier in the house which is quite similar to a prison in some respects.!!

Ben gets closer to Rachael, but,.
here is NO CHANCE IN HELL Rachael and Ben would ever get it on! Ever! These two are purely platonic friends!.

Ben along with Dave are solely responsible for the amount of love that's in the house..Now that Ben has been evicted, how much love will remain..!?

Ben and His Chum Mario chill n chat..

Ben with his other friend, Dave are really close.. A true bond has formed with these two.

Ben among commoners.

Ben.. "Singing"!!??

Ben and Andrew banter!

Ben is again too close to Rachael giving her mixed messages and leading her on.

Ben looking back on his BB moments to be proud of.!!

Ben was the 6th housemate to leave the Big Brother house.

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