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Big Brother Housemate Corin

I don't know to think other than she is living
on her own planet to the rest of the housemates but can be good fun and what you see is exactly what you get...Annoying voice and accent!!

Her motives to be on the show is purly for magazine deals to show off her great figure and make lots of money!

Be warned, if you get on the wrong side of her she would scratch your eyes out! ...

This is one girl who could quite happily live in the house alone! and loves talking....about herself Either way, in her words, she's loving it, and buzzing and has successfully made these her own catch-phrases

Corine is up for nomination, and will be not be booted from the house on Friday..
Ife will..

The new housemates were all up and dancing like crazy when the song, "I Need A Hero" awoke them, and guess why only they were dancing? because they are new, and hardly any "Best Bits" clips to show when they leave the show, and did you notice Corin was also joining in! because she was expecting to be evicted was greedy for more best bits!!

Corin relaxing.

Can you believe it! Corins loving it!

Corin's best and funniest moment, when she just continued the task while Keely lie injured with a broken foot!!

Keely lies injured with a broken foot!!

Corin and Caoimhe boogie

Corin and Andrew wowing the crowd with their singing task!

Are you buzzing with all that alcohol!? I bet your loving it!

Corin enjoying Jedwards performance.

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