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Big Brother Housemate John James


John James is a lovable moody broody plonker who played the biggest game in the house and was very well clued-up about Big Brother.

He was like a parrot and would continually repeat everything he says numerous times
like some kind of stuttering retard especially arguments He KNEW these clips would make the evenings shows! He is also such an attention seeking prat! and has this chuckle which he uses when ever he is nervous or does not know what to say which is quite often and very annoying!

Do you remember when he started shouting at the girls at the dinner table who were talking about magazine deals.!? This is because he was jealous of how easy girls get magazine deals and make more money than the guys! That's where Josie came into the picture.! He continued playing Josie knowing the press, and magazines love a BB Bromance and would buy their story!

Did you also notice when Josie became the firm favorite to win, he started to pretend to love her even more! Josie was just a mother figure who gave him confidence!. He likes Josie but does not fancy her in a sexual way, nor will ever be romantically involved because she is too overweight and too simple for his likes, but now he has 100.000 more reasons to pretend to love her even more!

Remember when Mario and John James were in the diary room and Mario asked John James to kiss him on the lips and he DID, because John James was being kind and likes to please that's why he kissed Josie occasionally on the lips when ever she forced herself on him. His reaction of disgust and embarrassment when he done so is exactly the same as when he kissed Mario!!

Don't let Davina McCall or anyone else try to convince you other that they will ever be a long-term boyfriend and girl friend. I had always said their lips would never meet, I'm absolutely sure there tongues nor any other organ for that matter will unite! Remember I told you so and at least try  and enjoy your time with your cash cow Josie..!!. 

Latest news is John James has left Josie and the country because he could not keep up the pretence of fancying her. Fake Romance

Your images were deleted John James.! People were sick of the sight of your smug  fake face! haha just kiddin..They somehow vanished!!

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