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Big Brother Housemate Steve

, aka, the baron who looks like a reincarnation of former Health And Safety housemate "Mario" After he momentarily had a relapse of the H&S rules and accidental blew himself up, and abracadabra, he's now Steve and has disregarded the H&S rules to just rules! but seriously, he's a good big man with a big heart who got blown-up by a road side bomb while serving his country..His snoring will be his downfall!

He has not contributed, (unless it's a task) as much as previous housemates with disabilities including that blind guy, and the celebrity midget and what about the turret's guy Pete!I

Steve will win the show, unless he's backed by newspapers to win so he can afford to pay the 30.000 pounds required to buy the new leg! but i doubt it 100 percent!

Did you see him doing the egg beating task!? Your supposed to whisk NOT stir it you plonker. Lord knows what other skills this soldier doesn't have!!

Steve's flirting on Keely won't do him any favours... If Steve was not being filmed (on tv) he would be ordering and shouting like an army officer the rules and regulations all the time and would NOT be as easy going as he seems to be! fact!

"That looks hard", was Steves comments to Josie's superhero "Hot dog" task... What would the army think about that!! lol..

Andrew shouted at everyone get in the bedroom! Well, did you see Steve just sit there like an IDIOT not even thinking it could be a task!

Yes, I am watching you sunshine!!

Steve telling Keely, something about he knows what games shes playing trying to take over the house.!

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