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Amy Child's

Amy Childs Amy Child's: Born June 14, 1990 in England.

The Only Way Is Essex  star was really liked by the audience. I really like her genuine, dipsy and funny ways. I hope she does not turn into someone like Katie "Ruthless" Price.

Amy is a fun and average looking girl. Also very intelligent ... I say intelligent but only when it comes to spray tans, false nails and her specialty the vajazzle. Amy also has the perfect face and body to make a blow-up doll after her.

I don't know why they put her in the house! A waste of space!  She will offer and contribute to nothing other than her looks! She just sits back and enjoys the ride waiting to be evicted to continue her ongoing 15 minutes of fame.

Poor Amy...who really believed it when Lucien told her he fancied her when he does not! Out of all the housemates he is mostly attracted to Kerry. Kerry fancies the pants off Lucian!

Amy became the 7th housemate to be evicted. More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

Amy Child's... Shut-up!!

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