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Bobby Sabel

Bobby Sabel Bobby Sabel: Born in England on August 5, 1986.

Pretty boy, pretty boring!!

Bobby Sabel seems like a really nice guy but is very boring, insensitive but intelligent.  He is not being himself! He only started to come out of his shell to play Nasty Nick games being a bitch when he realized he was up for eviction. He knows what the public likes!. He now has to keep up with Sally's bitching as she also is up for eviction.

Bobby  continues to bitch about himself, at the mirrors and in the diary room  but never at another housemate! It's ironic how his initials are BS!!!

He really went too far when during the "Wizard Of Oz task" weekly shopping task..  Bobby was dressed as Dorothy and Darryn as the Tin Man. During the task Bobby went into the sauna while dressed as Dorothy to achieve maximum sweat and all the sweat that dripped from his body he collected in an oil can which he made Darryn drink! He later apologized and Darryn excepted!

After hearing the Boos he received when Brian Dowling did the live-link-up to the house should make him change his Nasty Nick style game play.

Bobby became the 4th housemate to be evicted. More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

Bobby 'Gameplaying' Sabel

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