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Darryn Lyons.

Darryn Lyons Darryn Lyons: Born on August 19, 1965 in Australia.

Lets just hope he keeps his head down under as no celeb really likes the papps!

Darryn Lyons.was so upset when one of the Jedwards gave Amy Childs a wedgie. The reason he went so mad was because he wished he could have done it himself and, if someone like Paddy did it, Darryn would have probably laughed!!

I never like people who go to the extreme to be noticed especially when your someone as ugly as Darryn! It's bizarre! The only way this papp will be noticed in the house is his continuing bitching.

Darryn would love to become an actor or superhero with his fake 8 pack! That's one of his goals//dreams but he won't tell anyone although he has more chance playing a ninja turtle in pantomime!.

It's such a shame for Darryn, no matter how nice or bad he behaves he just lacks the likability factor.

Darryn became the 5th housemate to be evicted. More to follow.  Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information  .

Darryn 'Look & Listen To Me' Lyons.

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