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Jedward: aka John and Edward Grimes


Jedward, aka John and Edward Grimes: Born in England on October 16, 1991.

John and Edward became known after appearing on the UK version of X Factor. They cannot dance or sing but have something that has made them very successful world wide! Are Jedward gay Probably, but they are still confused and haven't been able to fully except the fact they could be!. When they know for sure they will enter the closet and not come out for a very long time anyway. It's such a state state of affairs to be a disgusting homosexual these days and any day.

I had never liked or understood Jedward, aka John and Edward when I saw them on X Factor until I saw them in the Big Brother house where I saw two young brothers who clearly love each other very much and just want to have fun which seems so natural. They have so much creativity and are extremely bright, unpredictable, entertaining, hilarious and many would say inspirational and deserve to be where they are.

Darryn Lyons was very cruel when he attacked one of the Jedwards for giving Amy Child's a wedgie. It was done for a laugh which I know in their mind was without malice or sexual motive. I wonder how Darryn would have reacted if Paddy done it!

Jedward have been evicted. More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

 Hey! Cool! OK! Jedward.

Jedward performing live in the 2010 BB house as Corin and Andrew look on.

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