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Kerry Katona.

Kerry Katona Kerry Katona: Born September 6, 1980 in England.

Kerry has had her fair share of drink and drug problems. 

The nation's sweetheart I think not! An emotional wreck and what you see is exactly what you get with her. She also scrubs up very well!

This lucky commoner got lucky when she became a member of atomic kitten, since then she's had her fair share of ups and downs and could be back on the up, but I think being on Celebrity Big Brother will do her more good than harm. 

Her consistent speaking like a small child is becoming irritating!! It may sound cute coming from your child but not you Kerry!


Kerry knows exactly what the magazine's like printing so is quite happy playing along with Lucians playful flirting. The ironic thing is Kerry is very much in love with Lucian.

Amy has now moved in on Lucian after Lucien told her he fancied her. The problem is, he does not find her attractive at all and is playing silly games leaving Kerry well jell (very jealous)!

Kerry was the runner-up. More to follow.. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

Kerry 'scrubs-up well' Katona

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