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Paddy Doherty

Paddy Doherty Paddy Doherty: Born in 1934 on England.

I doubt he will become part of the group. He will decide to keep himself to himself! He seems very predictable and not a good addition to the house. He could possibly win because the public vote for people they feel sorry for or who are really weird.

You have to feel sorry for Paddy. I mean, imagine YOU had to live in a house full of gypsies all talking the same way as Paddy and living like they do!

He doesn't  have anything in common with anyone in the house. He's just a common Gypsy. He will choose to spend his time quite happily alone.

I want to see him crack!! lose his temper but I think the fee he received for appearing on the show will be enough for him to continue biting his tongue! He did say if he had his way he would drown the twins! {Jedward}.

The less said from Paddy the better for me. I have to switch on the sub-titles when he talks.... if that's called talking what dribbles come's out of his gob!!

When Jedward gave Paddy a wedgie Paddy laughed it off, but if that had happened on his caravan site he would have sent them both flying!

If your are one of the people who thinks Paddy should win then you could be in luck! Paddy has been on the biggest journey being in the house and quite entertaining,, when he can be bothered!

Paddy was the winner of Big Brother and if you wanted him to win would you like him to stay with YOU for a week or two!!?? NO! They said Paddy was the only real housemate in their. Let me tell you this. If there were NO camaras in the house I can assure you, he would have lost his temper and would have been violent to other housemates many a time! More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

 Paddy "Oh Mammy" Doherty

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