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Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff.

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff  Pamela Bach: Born October 16, 1969 in US.

I think she will be a much better housemate than Pamela Anderson who was rumored to be a housemate in the Celebrity house.

Pamela is one lady who I just can't work out. She seems very reserved and boring and has such an annoying grin/smile. Having said that she acts in a very nice and respectful way and I am looking forward to her coming right out of her shell and out of those fluffy clouds she seems to be hiding in!!

Having had too many nose jobs now makes her speak through her nose.

Her game play to stay in the house is playing the 'yes sir no sir 3 bags full' and the 'Me Myself And Irene' games. This way she will have as little conflict with fellow housemates. When I am not happy where I am or what I'm doing I will pretend I'm sick just like the game she played!

Pamela very excited to see the back of the 1st evictee Sally. Bercow.

Big Brother Pamela speak to her daughter on her birthday and all Pamela talked about was herself!

Pamela was the 2nd housemate to be evicted and was happy to see the back of fellow housemate Darryn whom she never liked at all! More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

Pamela "Everything's A Hassle" Hoff.

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