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Sally Bercow

Sally Bercow   

Sally Bercow: Born in England on November 22, 1969

Sally looks like she's well up for a laugh and a could be a great housemate

Sally could have been a really fun housemate,,, if she had been in the house with far less attractive woman!!..

Sally has one big problem-gripe. Her body and face have seen better days and she is very insecure about this. So, she hangs around Paddy, because it makes her look much more appealing! She has also been a total cow to Pamela because Pamela is 5 years older and much more prettier then her. Having said that, she is a very strong, emotional and very vulnerable person. Sally was the 1st to be evicted.

Since leaving the house (evicted 1st) she will try hard to be a celebrity appearing on all the celebrity tv reality shows instead of being a politician! More to follow. Celebrity Big Brother Pictures & Information.

Sally 'Stroppy' Bercow

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