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Aaron Allard-Morgan Pictures and Information

Aaron says he's arrogant and single. He cry's when he gets his haircut. A big fan of High School Musical. He sits down to have a pee. Loves all boy bands including  the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Has says he has not had sex in the last 7 years.

My 1st impressions. He reminds me of a two people.  Nasty Nick and Bobby Sable. Say no more. Could go quite far!

1st week. This guy is extremely cocksure and slightly arrogant, very intelligent and cannot read or pretends not to read people well. A bit of a big girls blouse.

2nd week.  He says he fancies Louise the most. Aaron later kissed Tom full on the lips and then gave him a love bite on his neck for a laugh! I'm not entirely sure what his game is. Or is Aaron playing the"Anthony Hutton game" which is to kiss all the girls and win the show!.. I think he is bi-curious! I wish he would just relax and let his hair down. He is so stiff!

Aaron and Tom snogging.

Aaron and Maisy get close by kissing and cuddling in bed! I never saw that coming! This was seen by Anton who has already admitted to fancying Maisy and liking Tom.

Faye was chatting about Aaron's sexuality and asked him if he was a Bi, he said, he would never rule anything out!

3rd week. Aaron is caught kissing Maisy by Anton. Anton had already revealed he really liked Maisy..

Aaron and Maisy Kiss as Anton looks on. I don't know if Aaron is playing a game or just being himself, either way, it's all just very weird!.

Tom finally worked out that Aaron does not fancy him and was just leading him on. Tom said to him, "If we wasn't in the house I would have thumped you". Aaron later disclosed to Maisy that he now hates Tom and thinks he's very shallow. Aaron is playing a good GAYme!

Aaron and Faye kiss under the covers.

Aaron is now trying to decide if he should go for Maisy or Faye. Or, is he just having fun with these two girls because he really fancies Louise or, does he fancy one of the guys! or just himself? 

The original love triangle. Aaron, Faye and Maisy

Aaron has now committed to Faye telling her he does like her. This relationship won't last because they  don't have anything in common..

Aaron is suffering from a severe case of depression and or frustration. He battles on.

Jemma looks out for her sister by telling Aaron,  "Don't pretend to be on your best behavior because I'll see through it". Aaron responded that he was always on his best behavior.

5th Week  Aaron and Anton have decided they detest each other. Meanwhile, Aaron and Faye are no longer getting along.

Aaron talks to himself. Aaron vents his anger by talking to himself about all the house mates. He said a small piece about their bad points while circling the garden.  Faye and Aaron are They are still getting along with each other!

Aaron screams like a girl during Big Brothers fright night. What a woos! He now has vowed never to speak to Jemma after she, along with Faye were given a BB task which was to burb 15 times in the face of Aaron. He was absolutely horrified and said he would never speak to her again and that she needed a vet to cure her of her wind. He soon found out it was a BB task and apologized to her. Aaron is really weird. Some would say, weird and wonderful.

Aaron wants to go home. Aaron is starting to lose the plot after this weeks surprise nominations. This week, the house-mates relatives did the nominations and most of them voted for Aaron because they felt he was playing around with Faye's feelings and also not treating her good although their relationship is now back on.

After Jemma's departure, Aaron has become much more relaxed and could now win the show.

Aaron gave Louise the shock of her life when he nominated her during this weeks surprise eviction giving her 3 votes which makes her up for eviction this week with Faye who also had 3 votes. They has all initially planned to make sure they were all up for eviction but Aaron had other plans nominating Tom and Louise.

Aaron gives Louise the shock of her life.

7th week. Aaron's "Girlfriend Faye has been evicted. I doubt it will ruin Aaron's last week in the house,

Big Brother changed the rules and gave the Housemates the chance to share half of the winners prize money. They had to choose which person would take which amount of money totaling 30 thousands pounds to a mere 10 pounds. Unluckily for Aaron who chose the 10 pounds although they have all made a pact to share the prizes equally. Will they?

The housemates make a pact to share the money whatever they chose.

Aaron has won Big Brother and the 50.000 pounds prize. 

I had a feeling he could win because we have had winners who were homosexual (Brian Dowling) and transsexual (Nadia). We have had the smart pretty blond winner (Kate Lawler). We have had a black winner (Brian Belo) and simpleton (Cameron Stout). We have had the handsome cheeky chap winner (Anthony Hutton) A guy who suffers from tourette's syndrome (Pete Bennet). We have had a normal and boring girl girl next door win (Rachel) and an overweight minger winner (Josie Gibson) but we have never had a complete and utter weirdo (Aaron Morgan) win Big Brother before.

Last impressions. What a complete an utter knob and complete weirdo. I would not give this guy the time of day. A total liability. I don't what it is, but no matter how good or bad his dancing is, its just so wrong, looks so weird and does not suit him at all! Aaron, stop dancing. Having said that he made a very good housemate to watch but trust me, I would not want to live with him.

More info to follow. 

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