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Harry Pictures and Information

Harry reckons your nothing without any money. Loves Fox hunting and owns 16 horses. He has a girlfriend and will remain faithful. He also says he would like to become a gay icon.

My 1st impression. Looks really bland and boring, very intelligent. This posh pig faced chap is a real dark Horse.

1st week.  Very quiet but his brain has been working overtime judging all the other housemates and working out who to trust and what game to play.

2nd week. Well done Harry for winning the very hard chicken coup immunity task which was also a slap in the face for Rebeckah who accused him of not wanting to be in the house. That was more than enough proof.

Harry celebrates after his Chicken task win.

3rd week. Harry is really coming out of his shell becoming more and more confident everyday.

4th week. Harry pulled off a really brutal yet funny prank while handing the shopping list in by changing the orders for 500 bananas, 13 bottles of food coloring, boxes of cereal, chocolates and 10 bottles of tomato ketchup


Harry finds is hillarious when they discover they have no proper food.

Jay along with the rest were not impressed and ruined Harry's freshly washed clothes with the food dye and ketchup. Harry kicked off and told them all what he thought of them which was not very pleasant. 

Harry discovering his clean clothes have been sabotaged and is furious. 

6th week. Harry became the 7th person to be evicted.

My final impressions.  Quite bland and boring. Very intelligent. A good housemate addition.

More info to follow.

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