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Heaven Africa Pictures and Information

Heaven, real name Josephine is a holistic therapist and cures all her illness's. A model, dancer, poet. She says she dislikes anything fake like boobs and hair. She meditates to remove bad energy. Says food makes people happy. and would like to become the prime minister and president and also an ambassador..Would like to hace her own performing arts school and wants to help the world be happy, have her own tv show and see how people live in differentl countries. .

My 1st impressions. OTT, annoying and on another planet! Heaven by name but sent from hell! Very weird.

1st day. Unbelievable moment was watching her greeting new house mates Rebeckah as she entered the house saying "Come To Mummy" with wide open arms!, cringe!! She was then bitching about Rebeckah within a week!.

1st week. Heaven is not being herself.  Extremely out of place in the BB house and has no-one to relate to or bounce off other than Tashie who was evicted!.

Heaven says shes a vegan and allergic to dairy but eats eggs and chocolate biscuits! Heaven also said she does not lie or cheat! well Heaven, why did you secretly steal/eat the biscuits! Why did you cheat during the chicken coup task by pretending to be sick and spitting the pop corn out instead of swallowing?

While couped up in the Chicken pen she spent most of the time growling like a Lion than clucking like a Chicken! She was also so desperate to win the task she was even willing to pee in her chicken costume but luckilly for her, it was the 5 minute toilet break time.

House mates look on as they realise Heaven is cheating!


Maisy and the rest of the house mates lol as they listen to Heaven telling the that Star Wars and Darfeder is real.

2nd/3rd  week. Heaven cracked me up when she gathered all the house mates on the sofas for a bonding session and then proceeded to tell each one the reasons she never liked them! The house mates were having none of it and all left leaving Heaven to herself. I doubt she will last very long,...

I loved her performance during the "bungee jump" task..

Heavens above! Heaven finally took the leap of faith as she Bungee jumps for a Big brother task.

Heaven is now socializing very well but the house mates just don't get her!. She revealed to Tom that she fancy s Jay the most.

Heaven became the 3rd house mate to leave the Big Brother house which was such a shame as she made a great house mate and when I say great I mean  she just grates on your nerves when in the house!.

My last impressions.  Very funny, as in weird, on another planet. Can be extremely devious, vindictive and sly. I still believe there is a nice and vulnerable girl inside who struggles to be free but is imprisoned forever in Heaven! Also, why did no-one quiz her about putting salt in the sugar after realizing she was up for eviction!?

More info to follow.

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