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Mark Henderson Pictures and Information

He said he looks like a flamingo and has a small willy. He is a self confessed mummy's boy and is also unable to grow facial hair.

My 1st impressions.. A likable plonker. What you see is exactly what you get.

1st week. Mark is a very nice and simple guy! He says exactly whats on his mind which can be good and bad for him! If there was a competition for the worlds worst analogies" he would win it.. Mark is very supportive and offers everyone good advice when asked for.

2nd week.  The sexually frustrated Mark could not contain himself any longer so he and also frustrated Jay decided to have a Tommy Tank off.   (gross) . Jay won so Mark had to have half his body tanned!

A naked Mark and Tom playfully wrestle with Aaron.

3rd week. Mark played an excellent and convincing prank on Aaron and Jay by pretending Big Brother had given them a task which was to make 2 other house mates pretend to be dogs for a day leaving them on all fours throughout the day!

Mark takes the lead doing the naked Conga.

4th week. Mark is finally feeling the pressure being couped up in the BB house. Mark told  fellow house mate Aaron that he does not want to be in the house anymore due to boredom reasons and is spending most of his time in the bath.

Mark has left the Big Brother house due to his boredom. He could not really relate to anyone in the house and felt he had nothing else to contribute to the show. He also revealed he does not like being filmed anymore. Mark did say he would leave the house if he became bored. He finished off by saying "I genuinely had a great time in the house and don't want to ruin it by overstaying my welcome.

My last impressions. A likable plonker. Thinks too much.

More info to follow.

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