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Tom Pictures and Information

He's bi-sexual but still unsure if he likes girls or boys.He says hes very entertaining and likes to get his willy out when he can and will have sex in the house. His biggest claim to fame was playing Jesus at his local mass. 

My 1st impression. Tom looks like a fun and honest house mate.

1st week.  Still boring. Aaron keeps flirting with him.

Aaron and Tom kissing.

2nd week.  Still boring. He told Mark he fancies him. Aaron is still flirting with Tom.

2nd/3rd week.  Tom finally worked out that Aaron does not fancy him and was leading him. Tom later told him, "If we wasn't in the house I would have thumped you". Aaron later disclosed to Maisy that he now hates Tom and thinks he's very shallow.

4th week.   A task enabled Tom to have a date with Rebeckah after winning the prize during a BB task. House mates had to throw balls at various windows containing different prizes . Aden tried, but failed to win.

5th/6th week. Boring although he has found a new friend in Alex. These two have become a platonic and amusing couple!

6th week.  Tom gets very close to Alex . They went to bed together and kissed each other full on the lips! I never saw that coming. I reckon it was just two friends having a one off cheeky kiss!

Tom and Alex are one of the three couples left in the house. They are having to try very hard to be entertaining which is not working at all! Tom will probably be the first, followed by Alex to be evicted!

Tom maybe in the money: Big Brother changed the rules and gave the Housemates the chance to share half of the winners prize money. They had to choose which person would take which amount of money totaling 30 thousands pounds to a mere 10 pounds. Unluckily for Tom, He chose the 10 pounds although they have all made a pact to share the prizes equally. Will they?

The housemates make a pact to share the money whatever they chose. 

Tom and Alex prepare for their birthday party, but the evil BB told them they have to eat their birthday cakes ingredients to win a cake which they did quite funnily!.

Alex and Tom gagging on cake mix

8th week. Tom has been evicted.

My final impressions.  What a complete brainless moron. Played the game playing up to the public.  He reminds me of a drowned rat.

More info to follow. 

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