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Big Brother Fake Romances

A fake romance is A One-Sided Love Affair as sung by Elvis Presley and Ray Parker Jr. but I like the Presley's one better!

Example 1. John James and Josie. John James and Josie were in the 2010 BB house. As the days went by Josie lusted after John James. She loved him so much and let him know at every occasion. She cuddled and slept with him {not in that way} even though she knew he never fancied her but was happy with this 'relationship'! John James saw her as a friend and a mother type figure. He was also a very insecure person so the attention, cuddles and affections she was giving him was worth having so he returned the favors, attention, cuddles and the occasional face kisses.

Proof 1. His obvious body language towards her and what he said to her throughout the show. 
Proof 2. He vehemently denied being sexually attracted to her when questioned by  Big Brother about his relationship with her!  
Proof 3. Do you remember when John James had a right go at the girls around the dinner table when they were all discussing which magazines they would do deals with and if they would go topless or not. He got very angry because he knew he and guys in general did not have the same chance as the girls to make this easy money but he knew that a fake romance would get magazine deals and longevity of fame. These were two Big Brother veterans who know how the show works and the potential money earnings after the show 

John James was evicted and sealed the deal with fake words to her and to BB in the diary room saying there was or there could be something going on romantically between them.
Josie ended up winning the show and became a 100 thousand pounds richer.

Months later and after renting a flat together John James finally could not pretend to fancy her anymore. He could not get any more money from her nor any work so dumped her and took a plane back to Australia and has not been seen since. Anyone who thinks they were genuine are very naive!

Example 2. Michelle bass and Stuart Wilson, aka Chicken!  Michelle Bass and Stuart became fake romantically involved when she became besotted by his good looks and forced herself on him. He lacked the balls to tell her to back off! He was like a small schoolboy not knowing what to do at all and was led astray by this sex mad madam. She eventually made a makeshift camp with chairs and blankets and lured/ordered Stuart to get inside which he did.  He spent the rest of the time being told by Michelle what and when to do things. The rest is history. 

Example 3 Rebeckah and Aden. You don't even need the full details and proof . You all know!!  Latest news: Rebeckah has called off her "relationship" with Aden  purely because the public have seen right through this fake bitch!. lol

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