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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here is a reality based tv show where a number of celebrities are chosen/asked to appear on the show. Their task is to get on with as many people as possible and to stay in the jungle for the longest time. The winner will be crowned King Or Queen of the jungle. While in the jungle they will face trials and tasks to win food and luxuries for the camp.

Why do celebrities choose to appear on this show, in the middle of a jungle with little food, spiders, snakes, cockroaches and more? Probably to meet new celebrities.Something fun to do. For the money. They have products to sell/promote. They want to revive there flagging careers and become an 'A' lister celebrity again to get more work on tv or at least  pantomime work and make lots of money again. To get away from the people and life they are not happy living with. To prove they can go through the ordeal of suffering in the middle of a jungle with no proper food, and to conquer their fears. To lose weight. To learn new things about themselves For a free holiday to Australia just like Gillian McKeith did. Her plan was to pretend to faint if ever a task was too much but never thinking the public would keep voting for her!.

My reviews. I love this show and am a big fan of the two tv presenters Ant & Dec who are thee, funniest double acts,  and the best tv presenters this country has to offer. It's their presenting during the show that is absolutely hilarious and always entertaining. I don't know who writes their material but they always deliver. You really have to be on the ball to get there numerous and the very subtle sexual innuendos throughout the show..  I like watching the show to see celebrities stripped back to their bare bones and see what they are really like without a script, make-up, food, and completely out of their comfort zone.

My ratings. 10/10.

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Celebrities facing their worse fears in the jungle. Video below.

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