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Andrew Stone Pictures, Video and Information

Andrew Stone is known for his work as a dance teacher on the documentary, Pineapple Studios.   

He says hes a dark performer and a dynamic guy.    He says he's the kind of housemate who will make people smile or at least  laugh a bit. He considers himself as a father figure . He doesn't like people who don't listen and are too self obsessed. He says he's not gay although people think he is. He likes racy girls who are confident. He says he will bring openness and honesty to the house. In 2010 he entered the house as part of a task. He says he can also act and sing and is as good as a dancer as Justin Timberlake.

My views: I don't think this guy means to be funny but he IS absolutely hilarious. The things he comes out with are priceless, such as him continually confirming and reassuring himself and everyone around him that he is someone talented and famous and will get his big break one day but that day will never come Andrew. He is also the most gayest, femine, heterosexual guy I have ever seen. If there is one thing we do know about Andrew, it's that he has some serious psychological and underlying problems that only he knows about. Lets hope being on BB will help him and not a psychiatric ward.

Week 1. Andrew is up for eviction along with Georgia Salpa after receiving the most votes. He has not taken the news well and has been sulking ever since.

Last impressions. Andrew Stone has been evicted.  He is a genuinely nice enough guy and I wish him as much success in life as he dreams of.

More pictures and info to follow..

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