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Frankie Cocozza Pictures, Video and Information

Frankie Cocozza is known for his appearance on the 2011 X Factor. He then had to 'resign' due to drug related problems.  

He says he loves going out and shagging birds. He says he has an actress from Holly Oaks on his case. He would definitely have sex in the house if given the chance and says he's not fussy. While working as a holiday rep he confessed to sleeping with up-to 7 girls and has their names tattooed on his butt. His favorite film is Peter Pan.

My views: I was very surprised and angry that BB chose this wet rat to appear on the show. He is as common as muck and does not have any talent at all.

1st week. Since being in the house he has moaned about the Shannon twins for being too hot and also way out of his league and not getting his leg-over for over 2 weeks.

2nd week. Frankie becomes a potential winner and is being a good housemate.

3rd week. Frankie now hates the twins. He said will not speak to them again for the way they treated Denise.

Congratulations to Frankie,  Michaele,   Gareth, Denise and the Shannon Twins for making it to the final.  It would be good to have an American win the show for once..

Frankie came 2nd! Well done Franke, you did well on the show.

More pictures and info to follow..

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