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Natalie Cassidy Pictures, Video and Information

Natalie Cassidy is known for appearing in the tv series, Eastenders. 2007. Natalie released the fastest selling weight loss video in Britain. Her entrance video below.

She says about going i the house, she will tell people what she really thinks about them but may may have to hold back at times. She says she is looking forward to having a great time in the house and will miss her little girl.She reckons she will entertain everyone while in the house!

My views: I always find it uncomfortable looking at really ugly people especially when they are overweight and ugly. She's like an annoying auntie who means well but is just so annoying! She will never win!

1st week.  Natalie was the first to enter the house and Michael Madsen 2nd. It was so funny to hear Michael say he thought  Natalie was the 'meet and greet' lady especially the way she was dressed and serving drinks to everyone.

I would have to give her an Oscar for her acting during her 1st BB secret task which was to tell housemates whatever BB was telling her in her ear via a secret ear piece. I don't think anyone could have done better!

Natalie has become the 5th housemate to be evicted. If she was not such a good actress, she would have been very surprised and shocked to hear it was her being booted, even after the crowd were cheering when Brian mentioned her name. Natalie who was up against Michael, who had received boos when his name was mentioned before he was finally saved. Natalie is no loss to the house whatseover, and the show goes on.

More pictures and info to follow..

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