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Nicola McLean Pictures, Video and Information

Nicola McLean is known for her glamor modeling who has appeared on page 3 over 400 times and has appeared on various tv programs and shows including 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here''.

She says she loves being a glamor model. She says she wants people to see her softer side. She says shes fun, yet can be annoying. She has previously had a rift with fellow housemate Natalie Cassidy. She says she will miss her kids and husband while in the house. She is quite out spoke and won't hold back if there is something needed to be said.

My views: I have never liked this woman. She seems like a typical nasty bitch. Lets see how she really is while on BB. I also cannot stand her annoying laugh and cough, in fact, there is nothing I like about her at all and whoever said she looked good without make-up on were lying to her!

1st week. Just being a boring bitch and bitching about everyone.

Nicola McLean as the Big Bad Wolf in the Rapunzel and the Prince BB task

2nd week. Nicola really is the Big Bad Wolf . Big brother divided the housemates into 2 groups and offered them a letter from home but only if one group presses the shredder button first which will shred the losing groups letters. They had 15 minutes to decide and Nicola said, 'I want my letter' then jumped up and pressed the button within one second! then proceeded to press the button like a madwoman about 40 times and kept repeating the word shred, shred, shred, shred! instead of sorry, sorry, sorry. Full.Video Below.

3rd week Nicola tries to befriend the twins. Nicola, when your with these girls your like the ugly odd sister.

Nicola and Denise kicks off after Nicola tried to be the peacemaker when Denise and the Twins were arguing because Denise pulled down Karissa's.  pants. Later on,  Denise told Nicola just how selfish she was when she chose to have her letter from home.

Nicola and Denise have spoken about things and have now made up! so to speak!!

Nicola has become the 6th housmate to be evicted. When asked by Brian why she was chosen to be evicted she replied, "maybe it's because I have got blond hair and big boobs"! How delusional is she!? Nicola, it's because you are a nasty bitch! Thats why! I also had to LMAO at the crowds continuous booing and chanting "off, off, off" throughout the entire interview with Brian. and as she said, "I was just being myself"!! YEAH! A NASTY BITCH!

More pictures and info to follow..

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