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Deal Or No Deal: Uk's/England's Version

What Is Deal Or No Deal?
Deal Or No Deal, aka "The Dream Factory" is a channel 4 game show produced by Endomol, and filmed in Bristol, UK. The presenter is the very entertaining veteran of TV shows, Noel Edmond's

The game consists of 22 contestants each with a  box numbered 1 to 22. (Now 23 boxes. see below) Before the show begins, each person chooses their box at random and each box contains a different amount of money, ranging from 1p to £500,000. When a player is randomly chosen to play, they have to choose 5 boxes to open in the first round, thereafter its 3 boxes per round. After each round, the banker will call Noel on the phone and offer the contestant an amount of money for the box in front of them, which they had chosen. If a player can correctly guess the bankers very first offer, they will have "the Button" which is a light which a player can press at any time to get the banker to make an immediate offer regardless of how many boxes they open. But, they must be within 10% of the amount.

This offer will depend on what amounts of money are left on the board. The player can decide to deal if the offer is good enough. If  they do deal, the game continues as if they were still in live play. This is because although the player dealt, they could have possibly won or lost a whole lot more.
The best game to play  is to eliminate all the blue numbers and keep all the highest reds in place to secure good offers. Watch them take their chances.

Deal or No Deal is more than just a game show, it puts the show in game show and has become an institution. There is no other game show like it. I don't know of any other show where the majority of contestants including big burley men will cry, and only one girl, Toni from Wales who cried her way throughout the entire show. These were no ordinary tears, they were tears of sadness, happiness, anger, frustration and relief. It's only looking back at the early editions of Deal Or No Deal shown on Challenge TV, where Noel would shout out loudly each time a box was opened. Also the banker was far too generous and not as smart and witty as he is now. Observe.: When players say ‘That’s a clever offer,’ or ‘the banker is very smart". What they are all really saying is ‘thank you’ to the banker for being more generous than they expected! 

Deal or No Deal is the only show where they have chosen to broadcast floods, power cuts, contestants fainting and, once, there was a box that contained nothing inside!
It's the only show where they have such a variety of contestants who you would not normally expect to see on other game shows from posh to commoners, wheelchair bound, the blind, deaf and dumb and the disabled. It is the only show where the pilgrims (audience), contestants and even the camera operators can be thrown out of the building when they upset Noel, or the banker.

People Go On Deal Or No Deal to potentially win £250.000. Other reasons are, they are a huge Noel Edmond's fan or just a fan of the show, they probably applied for every game show and Deal Or No Deal was the only show that said yes. Someone applied for them without their knowledge. Other reasons are to have their 15 minutes of fame and be on the tele!  To promote themselves, a product/company, cause or association, search for missing loved ones or friends, etc...

Special Shows of Deal Or No Deal 
These are during festive seasons and special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, etc. where the show becomes a pantomime.

DOND Dictionary: What does it all mean? Shows Keywords, Sayings and Phrases

1p Club - If a player wins the penny (1p) they automatically join the exclusive 1p club.
1p - Penny Kiss - when a player finds the 1p box, they have to kiss 'on the lips' the person who revealed it. This is where I cannot look especially when it's two big burly guys!. Note: This 1p kiss rule is not always enforced. The penny kiss has not been seen for over a years.
Penny Dip. When the penny is revealed by a contestants in the wing, the player and contestant do the penny dip which is a dance routine that I can only describe as, pointing your right hand in the air while your other hand is on your hip, then doing a couple of squats while wiggling your hips and twirling your arm around in the air!
10p Tickle - when a player finds the 10p box, they have to tickle the person who revealed it. (very rarely done).
23 box. This is a new idea which gives players a chance to sell their box for what ever they have won and purchase box 23 which will have five different offers inside. 1 is a chance to double their money they have dealt at. 2. Have what they won halved. 3. They could Win an extra £10.000. 4. They could win 1p or 5, they could win nothing. Potentially, if a player wins £250.000, they could buy box 23 and win half a million pounds. I could never take the risk.
ABR - All Blue Round - When a player picks 3 blues in a row.
Button Game. Is a blue light which they can press at any time. They can only have the button if a player correctly guessed the bankers first offer.
Curse Of The Newbie - Is when the a new contestants to the show always has high numbers in their box and can sometimes but not always, ruin the players game,
Death Box - Is box number 22 which has become well known for regularly having high numbers, and which ruins the players game.
East Wing - This is one of the two rows of contestants.
Governor - The figure of £26.000, which is usually what the banker gets the player to deal at.
Hall Of Fame -  Players can enter the hall of fame by achieving things no other player has. Example,
OHO - Pronounced O-Ho. Only Here Once. When a player decides to go all the way (no deal every offer) and open the box they selected.
Power Five - Are the highest 5 boxes.
Pilgrims - The Audience.
Quicky - A quicky. When the player decides they want to speed up the game by opening 3 boxes very fast.
Spank the Banker - Is to win more money than the highest offer the banker had made.
Walk Of Wealth -  Is when a player is chosen and walks down the isle to the round table.
West Wing -  This is one of the two rows of contestants. .

My Ratings. 10/10.

How can I be On Deal Or No Deal? If you want to apply to appear as a contestant on the show, follow this link You must be 18 or over and a UK resident to take part in the Deal or No Deal show.

 Paddy, Deal Or No Deals 1st MALE £250.000 winner. Video below.

Laura, Deal Or No Deals 1st FEMALE £250.000 winner. Video below.

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