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Big Brother 2012 Contestants: news, pictures and videos .

Welcome to Big Brother 2012:

Adam Kelly. 2nd Place
Arron Lowe. Evicted.
Asheligh Hughs. Evicted.
Becky. Evicted.
Benedict Garrett. Evicted.
Caroline Wharram Evicted
Chris James. Evicted.
Conor MCIntyre. Evicted with 50k.
Deana Uppal. 3rd place.
Lauren Carre. Evicted.
Luke (A)nderson. WINNER.
Luke (S)crase. Evicted.
Lydia Louise. Evicted.
Sara Mclean. Evicted.
Scott Mason. Evicted.
Shievonne Robinson. Evicted.
Victoria Eisermann. Evicted.

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