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Lauren Carre information

Lauren has been evicted and what an annoying woman she was. She sounded annoying and her laugh was retarded and what a beg a friend person she was. You don't have to beg a friend to get on with people just as much as when im at the bus top i can have a laugh and get on with those starngers.

If you were to hypnotize her and ask if she fancied Adam, she would reply, NO WAY. he ugly and NOT my type at all.

She kept going about being one of the lads and that girls did not like her. Let me tell you this you retard, if I went around (i am male) telling everyone in the house that I was a one of the girls and that guys did not like me, thats not going to do me any favors at all!

I also never like the way she thinks every girl talks about hair, makeup and shoes. She is seriously retarded bordering upon mental and thank god she's out of the house.

Aside from all the above, she seems and really nice and genuine person..

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