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Spencer Pratt Pictures, Videos and Information

Video of Spencer and Heidi on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Spencer Pratt which is a very ideal name for him was dressed ready for battle in his camouflage clothing. In-fact, the only thing missing was a shot gun hanging off his shoulder and a dead carcass!!  Spencer and his wife Heidi who is also on the show on the Hills are one housemate and have been called Speidi.  He has married and divorced his wife Heidi 3 times, probably because no-one else will have him.  He reminds me of  Eastender's Mo's actor husband Trevor Morgan.
Spencer was voted Americas most hated person in 2000. 
He will definitely causing problems in the house after Rylan and Frankie chose to send Spencer and his wife Heidi to hell on day 1.


Day 1. Because of a Big Brother twist, Speidi were chosen by Frankie to go to hell instead of the main house. see video below.

Video of Speidi entering Hell.

Day 2. Spencer and Heidi were chosen to return to the main house after Frankie had to make another decision which was to choose one person to go into the main house of luxury and because this couple count as one housemate they both were saved from hell. This couple seem very selfish, childish and do not look like they care about anything but them self's.  They came on the show purely for the money and obviously want to be in the house for as little as possible and will try and do anything to be evicted. BB should have kicked them out from day 1.
Day 3 & 4. Although Spencer is in the house with his wife, he actually had his first orgasm when he got the chance to nominate Rylan to be put up for eviction.  Spencer and Heidi are up for eviction along with Paula and Frankie 
Day 4. Spencer is up for eviction with Heidi, Paula and Frankie. The Pratt couple (Speidi) got the most nominations ever with all the housemates nominating them.
Day 6&7. Speidi survived the eviction and Paula was kicked out first.
Secret task. I loved the twist with this task where Speidi were sent back to hell where it had been all pimped up and looked more like heaven. Not only that but they can now see and hear the rest of the clan via a tv screen. I have never seen Speidi so happy.  Let the bitching begin when they return to the house.
Day 8.  After listening to all the housemates continuously bitch about them, Speidi have guaranteed fireworks when they return to the house.
Day 8. Before returning to the house, BB told Speidi that they had to choose which 2 housemates were the dullest reality shows in the house. they chose Claire and Rylan to put up for eviction.
When Speidi returned to the BB house the others looked very embarrassed and Rylan became their first person to attack, followed by Ryan
Razor, who had been watching from the fence decided to end the situation by having a slanging match with Spencer. Big Brother ended the situation by calling Razor into the diary room to tell him off.  

Video of Spencer and Heidi after the argument with Razor. They wanted to talk to their lawyer about being threatened by Neil Razor Ruddock. 

Day 9. Speidi spent another night in hell to cool off from the argument with Spencer and Neil Razor Ruddock.
Day 9. Spencer and Heidi up for eviction along with Claire Richards, Lacey Banghard and Rylan.
Day 10. Speidi were saved by the public and now say they want to win the show.  They deserve it for not being one of the the greatest housemates ever, but maybe not the most likable characters. I would love to see the others faces if they did win.

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