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Live Streaming Webcams From Around The World.

Today the world has millions of webcams and more and more are popping up everyday! 

For security reasons, Its big business for any business no matter what size to have security cameras installed! Even ordinary home owners are taking advantage of the CCTV world and installing many cameras all over the inside and outside of their homes. Even car drivers, cyclists and motorbikes now have on-board dash cams recording everywhere they go. They are everywhere and if you do your research very carefully, you may just find a cam that is pointing right at your house or maybe pointing at you right now! while your working! resting! or playing! and I will show you how it's possible, and to be aware of not just the numerous amount of cameras that are popping up everywhere especially here in the UK, but from all the hidden webcams you cannot see!.

NOTE: The links which directed you to all the live camera feeds below in bold had to be removed. Apologies. Just 'Google' the bold words below and adding the words live webcams. Example. Niagara Falls live webcam or Gertie the pug dog webcam or Times Square live streaming webcam.

Viewing webcams all started when I had so much time on my hands which I passed doing many things online such as researching all the answers to my life long questions. Chatting to some amazing people from all over the world among many other cool things than can be done online which also included viewing live streaming webcams from all over the world. Viewing them enabled me to get a up-close and personal to some beautiful and amazing places that I would probably never get to see in my lifetime! including tourist attractions, parks, beaches, streets, shops, and any mammals and insects you could think of. The Internet truly is a live window to the world.

I wanted to see Trafalgar Square, Times Square, Red Square and any other square I could think of. I wanted to see the seven wonders of the world, the China wall! Niagara Falls. I wanted to see people, roads and buildings I used to live in. I wanted to see any and everything live including my house! and I could! almost! and if you look hard enough and do your research, you will find any and everything on cam, including your house! How To See Your House, Live! On Your PC.

To do this I could have used the Google Earth free software or Google's street view but this does not have live images! but it will show you practically anywhere on Earth.

View live feeds of tourist attractions, animals, roads, streets, motorways, people, beaches, hotels and offices all live!. View absolutely any and everything. By doing your research you will slowly find webcams that are very close to where you live! It might not be streaming, but a 10 second updates is still a good result! Some cams you can control your self with zoom in and pan tools.

Note. For a better view, It's best to view these cams at different times of day due to each countries time/daylight differences

One of my favorite live webcam locations are Times Square, simple right click on the video feed and view in full screen to hear the sounds and see the many animated neon futuristic sights including the Broadway's many yellow Cabs. Check out the Las Vegas cams and the world famous MGM Grand hotel. View live images of the on-going recovery efforts from the World Trade Center "Ground zero" site in lower Manhattan, or visit Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus in London and see the hustle and bustle of London's busy streets with their famous black cabs and red buses. Or perhaps you want to take a peek in the famous Andy Warhol Museum, or visit the Niagara Falls. Maybe The Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids in Egypt or the Statue Of Liberty takes your fancy. Are you a Beatles fan? You will love this live webcam of the famous Abbey Road Crossing which overlooks many houses! Do you live there!?

If your an Animal lover then you will adore these live feeds from Ants to Elephants, Tarantula's' Dogs to Kitty's. Take a peek at Gertie the pug dog. Watch donkeys at Tehachapi, CA, which have been rescued from throughout the United States. or perhaps you want to see the Chinstrap Penguins or black-footed ferret at a Conservation and Research Center?

So many streets webcams are also live online; Beale Street is the number one tourist attraction in the State of Tennessee, watch people walk by the live streaming web-cam on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. Check out the locals and tourists on the corner of Bourbon St and St. Peter Street..

Webcams are on 1000s of beaches! You won't need your sunscreen with these views from The TradeWinds Island Resort on the island of St. Pete Beach, FL United States or how about Venice Beach, better known as Muscle Beach and watch all the fun from the sea, or the beautiful Palm Beach in Florida or Hololulu Beach and Waikiki Beach! --Watch people eat at a Tokyo restaurant. This could be you eating drinking-somewhere else live on cam!, Maybe with someone you shouldn't be with!.

How to view peoples webcams at home! without even asking for permission! you can do this with Camfrog & Paltalk. These are free programs which will show you thousands of people from all over the world that are live on there web-cams. There will always be people online on cam every day and night. They have audio, so make sure you have a microphone and web cam to enjoy them fully! Listen to some entertaining, crazy and lots of pointless conversations and see sometimes amazing backdrops of some weird and wonderful locations!

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