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Four Rooms Information, Reviews & Item Sold.

WHAT IS FOUR ROOMS ABOUT?. It's a Ch 4 programme where people have the chance to sell their valuable, rare, extraordinary, ancient and unique relics to some of the country's top dealers. There are four rooms and four dealer's waiting inside each one ready to offer a deal of a lifetime. They could gamble by refusing a dealer's offer and take a risk by entering the next room or they could end up leaving with nothing.  They have to keep their nerve and make sure  they don't turn down the deal of a life time.

THE DEALERS. Tamara Beckwith. Top interior designer Celia Sawer. Gallery owner Gordon Watson. Pawn Broker David Sonnenthal. Auctioneer Raj Bisram. Peter Radcliffe. Tom Bolt. Wendy Meakin. Maurice Amdur. Shaun Clarkson. club owner and art gallery businessman. Alex Proud. Businessman Jonny Elichaoff.

TIPS FOR SELLING ITEMS ON FOUR ROOMS. Before blazing into the rooms with an unrealistic price in mind you should beforehand research what similar pieces have sold for. Cross checking auction prices to get an idea of prices. Have rock solid provenance of any item you wish to sell.

TIPS FOR THE SELLERS WHEN WANTING TO BUY OR INVEST IN ITEMS IF YOU THEY DON'T HAVE MUCH MONEY. Know the market. Don't buy specialist books, go to your local auctions, look at everything and mark down the prices. Observe why many people buying a particular item at an auction and remember the things and research why they don't sell. When there's more than one person wanting the same piece, look at that piece and observe and research why they're all wanting it. Keep away from items made in their millions. Stay away from damaged goods although they're still worth money, items which are immaculate will make much much more. Don't just buy for investment, buy something you love. Try to invest in quality and not always quantity. Invest in a star piece item instead of lot's of not-so valuable items. Build a collection of the things you love.  Look for things that are current and fashionable and start buying those objects.  As always, research, research, research.

My Rating 9/10.

Click here for price's and list's of the bizarre and wonderful items that have been sold on Four Rooms.  Every item has a story and the better the provenance, the better the price.

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