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List Of Items Sold On Four Rooms

1. Boxing Boots belonging to Muhammad Ali. Wanted $10.000 and sold for £11.000.

2. Victorian doctors shock box which is supposed to be good for your health and used to cure various ailments.

3. The worlds fastest pram made in 2012 by Colin Firth. Reaches speeds of up-to 53 mph. No sale.

4. A glove worn by sir Lawrence Olivier. Sold for £650.00.

5. Three Original fashion drawings by the Versace family. One by  Donatella and one by Gianni Versace. Bought for £1.30 at a car boot sale!. Sold for £4950.00.

6. A Banksy painting on a wall. Wanted £300.000. No sale. Turned down £285.000. 

7. A rare Rhinoceros head called Geraldine. A trophy from a hunt which was mounted by Gerards of London. Not sold.

8. A signed Beatles programme from the film 'Help'. He wanted £10.000, No sale.

9. Sunglasses worn by Chris Lowe from the pop group the Petshop boys. He Wanted £7.000, No sale.

10. Four Paintings from the Blackadder series. He wanted between £30.000! - £35.000! He then tried to sell for £12.000 and was laughed out of all 4 rooms.

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