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More Items Sold In Four Rooms

Image left. A glass sculpture based on the Malaria virus by Luke Jerram. Number 15. 

11. A guitar signed by Damien Hurst. He first wanted £5.000, then £1000 but sold it for £650.00.

12. A picture by Martin Hanford which became the trademark and idea for the 'Where's Wally' pictures books.

13. Four elegant tiara's and stand. He wants $2000. was offered £90.00 but sold for £900.00.

14. Thomas Becket's blood in an ampulla which was found in the river Thames. He was previously offered £7.000 by an American dealer. He then Wanted in excess of £8.000.  He was offered £950.00 -£800.00 yet accepted £650.00.

15.  A glass sculpture based on the Malaria virus by Luke Jerram. It magnifies some of the world's deadliest virus's. See image above. He sold it for £6000.

16.  A 1966 signed ticket for the Royal box at the Wembley Stadium..Signed by all the players. He wanted £1200.  Was offered £500 - £600 and sold it for £990.

17.A 19th century Chinese Fish bowl. He wanted £800 and got £800 and would not have got a penny more from the other dealers.

18. A  five thousand year old good quality and highly polished old flint axe found in Eastbourne. He wants £5000.  He turned down £900 but accepted £1000 which was the highest any dealer offered.

19 A brass, silver, gold and diamond pocket watch with extraordinary craftsmanship. Branding and expensive materiel's are everything when it comes to watches. He wanted £30.000 but was offered a maximum of £3.500 but no dealt.

20. An original Rock n Roll portrait of John Entwistle. She wanted £7000 and turned down £3000 - £300.

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