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Charlie Travers Continued

Day 1 - Day 7. - Charlie Travers is doing OK in the house. She has proven to be out-going and fun. It's a shame her mother Jackie is in the house because Charlie would have let her hair down and had more fun in the house and flirted more with the other housemates.

I thought it was hilarious when Charlie asked Gina about her work and Gina told her she is not allowed to discuss it in the house and Charlie replied, "Do you work as an escort?".

You can tell Charlie is playing a good game is when she told Wolfy that she is a very beautiful person and has a very pretty face!!.

Week 2.  Poor Charlie, She keeps speaking before her brain has had the chance to even engage. She''ll learn that's for sure.  I hope Callum lets her know he fancies her because I think she likes him.

Week 3. Charlie has made it clear she does not fancy Callum .
Dexter tells Charlie his true feelings towards her but she's not buying it....for now...

 Week 4. Dexter has now revealed he is in love with Charlie which is genuine, because lets face it, Dexter fancies everyone but does Charlie fancy him? Will she or won't she only she can decide although I feel Dexter could win her over sooner or later with his words/blags because his actions are weak!.. Other than that, I am still loving Charlie and what she brings to the house but we would see much more of her personality if her mother Jackie was evicted although Jackie, along with Dan are my two favorites to win the show.
Week 5.  Charlie does not fancy Callum or Dexter.

Video below shows the fight between Gina an Sallie Watch how Charlie is oblivious to it. This shows how naive she really is and how she does not see things which are right under her nose.

Week 6/7. Charlie will not win the show. She knows the public love a romance and her playing along with Callum an Dexter was not cool. She continued to play them off each other not wanting to end either potential romance by just saying to them both, "sorry, your just not my type boys"!. She should not, and will not win. Other than playing these two off each other she's contributed to nothing!.

Week 8/9.  Charlie manages to survive after the whole house turned against her because of what her friend said during her nomination choices. This I think has helped her cause and could see her in the final.

Week 9. Charlie really showed her true colours during the 'Bee task' by enjoying telling the others what to do and also stinging them even though it was Gina who ordered her too!

Another reason why Charlie gets into so many arguments is because she admitted that she actually enjoys them!. Charlie will NEVER win and does NOT deserve to either.

Did you see her during the task where she had to passionately kiss Dexter, well, the first kiss WAS on the lips to which Dexter replied "Oh Dear"!! but BB wanted to see more and made them kiss again. This is where Charlie could not bare the thought of kissing him again, the second kiss was actually on his cheek, hence the lipstick marks on Dexter's cheek.
Dexter and Charlie Kissing

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